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Since its founding in 1969, Siemens Power Technologies International (Siemens PTI) has been widely regarded as an authority on issues related to the growth, development and reliability of electric network systems throughout the world.

Recognized leaders in power system engineering, including founding members of PTI such as Lionel Barthold, Robert Ringlee, F. Paul deMello, Al Wood, Wayne B’Rells, Dale Hedman and Dag Reppen, helped lay the cornerstone of what has evolved into today’s Siemens Power Academy.

For more than 40 years, Siemens PTI engineers have passed their knowledge to the next generation of Power Academy instructors and students. Siemens Power Academy Transmission and Distribution – North America (Siemens Power Academy TD – NA) is one of several Siemens training centers around the world covering the United States and Canada.

We offer over 30 power system training courses from introduction to power systems to complex dynamic simulations and modeling, delivered by over 40 expert instructors.

Delivery Methods

If our scheduled list of training courses does not meet you delivery needs we offer various other methods that can help save costs. Please see following delivery methods available below:

  • Webcast: Live real time audio and video of the instructor and students for any course or training program. This method of delivery will save on travel costs and time away from the office.

  • Single Company: Delivery of a training course or program onsite at your company’s location.

  • Hosted: Delivery of a training course or program onsite at your company’s location and allow students from other companies to attend in return for significant financial savings.

If you are interested in any of the delivery methods described above please complete the Training Request Form and send to power-academy.us@siemens.com


All courses offered through Siemens Power Academy are developed and taught by leading industry engineers. In addition to their proven instructional ability, our engineers have advanced degrees complemented by firsthand knowledge and experience solving power system problems throughout the world.


Licensed engineers, on a voluntary or mandated basis, attend continuing professional education for licensure renewal to ensure competency. All courses offered through Siemens Power Academy meet the requirements for CEUs and PDHs. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are the nationally recognized units for recording participation in professional development and noncredit educational programs. Participants completing these courses will be awarded CEUs based on the instructional hours of the course: one CEU is awarded for 10 classroom hours of instruction. Professional Development Hours (PDHs) include continuing education training for the Professional Engineer (PE) – who needs to earn annual Professional Development Hours ( PDHs). Through our instructor-led training, participants earn one PDH for each hour of instruction.

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