Options and Accessories


SICAM Station Unit

SICAM Station Unit Model 6MD91 is a substation-hardened industrial computer that is optimized for operation and support of the software-based SICAM PAS data concentrator. The SICAM Station Unit contains no mechanical components like fans and a spinning hard drive. The Station Unit has a solid state hard disk, wide temperature range and an option for redundant power supplies. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.


SICAM PAS Control Center

SICAM PAS CC (Control Center) is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that provides for data visualization, data archiving and graphical control from one-line diagrams. SICAM PAS CC supports alarm and event tables, data archiving, data trending and analysis, and automatic report generation.

SICAM Power Quality Analyzer

SICAM Power Quality (PQ) Analyzer with Incident Explorer provides visualization and reporting of all system events from relay fault records, digital fault recorder (DFR) records and power quality (PQ) meters. It analyzes the contents of these records then generates fault location reports, post-disturbance review reports, and power quality reports. Incident Explorer also provide the ability for manual fault location and manual import of COMTRADE files. Advanced fault analysis can be performed by the COMTRADE viewer and the SIGRA fault report analysis tool.

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