SICAM PAS (Power Automation System) is a software-based data concentrator used as an automation and IED integration platform. SICAM PAS is used by electric utilities in substations, generation plants and at SCADA control centers. SICAM PAS is also used with power distribution systems at industrial facilities.

Major system applications and functions include:

  • Substation Automation and Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) Integration Platform

  • Data Concentrator and Protocol Translator

  • Automatic Data Collection and Reporting

  • Data Visualization, Monitoring & Control from a Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Power Quality Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting (including NERC PRC-002)

SICAM PAS (Power Automation System) meets all the demands of a substation control system and more. Other major system components and options include:


SICAM PAS CC (Control Center) is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that provides for data visualization, data archiving and graphical monitoring control using one-line diagrams. SICAM PAS CC supports alarm and event tables, data archiving, data trending and analysis, and automatic report generation.

SICAM PQ Analyzer

SICAM Power Quality (PQ) Analyzer with Incident Explorer provides visualization and reporting of all system events from protective relays, power quality meters and digital fault recorders. It analyzes the contents of fault records then generates fault location reports, post-disturbance review reports, and power quality reports. Incident Explorer also provide the ability for manual fault location and manual import of COMTRADE files. Advanced fault analysis can be performed by the COMTRADE viewer and the SIGRA fault report analysis tool. Other features include:

  • Automatic Fault Location

  • Notification (E-Mail, SMS)

  • Automatic Grid Code Evaluation

  • Import / Export of COMTRADE files

  • Import / Export of PQDIF files

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