TG5700 RTU


TG5700 RTU

The TG5700 is a distributed remote terminal unit (RTU) that combines extensive intelligent electronic device (IED) integration capabilities with some of the best configuration and diagnostic tools in the industry. With its advanced security features enabling electric utilities to comply with NERC CIP cyber security requirements, the TG5700 becomes the premier medium to large point-count RTU and IED integration platform.

The TG5700 RTU consists of the SICAM StationManager2 Data Concentrator and TG5700 input/output (I/O) modules. Now, with the release of our modern SICAM TM 1703 I/O modules, even more application possibilities exist.

The SICAM StationManager2 Data Concentrator acts as the central processing unit (CPU) for the TG5700 RTU and handles all of the master station and IED communications. StationManager2 contains at least one Ethernet port and eight serial ports.

The TM 1703 I/O modules are the newest addition to the TG5700 product line. A TM 1703 I/O assembly consists of a power supply, CPU and up to eight I/O modules.

The SICAM TM 1703 supports a full range of standard and specialized I/O modules including digital input, analog input, digital output and analog output. Specialized I/O modules provide for direct measurement of Pt-100 and Ni-100 resistive temperature devices (RTD). All modules mount on a TS-35 DIN-rail and all wiring terminal blocks are connectorized for rapid module replacement.

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