SICAM StationManager2 Data Concentrator


Station Manager 2

The SICAM StationManager2 Data Concentrator is a stand-alone Data Concentrator and Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) integration platform.

The StationManager2 Data Concentrator can also act as the central processing unit (CPU) for the TG5700 RTU.

StationManager2 is communications oriented. It contains up to two Ethernet port and eight serial ports. All eight serial ports can be configured for RS-232. Four of the eight ports can be configured for RS-485 using jumper switches located at the rear of the chassis. Stationmanager2 supports a wide range of RTU and IED protocols.

The configuration software is called CMP10. The CMP10 Configuration and Maintenance Program is a PC-based software package for off-line configuration of the TG5700 RTU. CMP10 combines the ability for database configuration, file management, remote maintenance monitoring and I/O list generation.

CMP10 is simple and intuitive yet flexible, powerful and self-documenting. CMP10 runs on any laptop computer or PC using Microsoft® Windows 7™ or Microsoft XP™ operating systems. CMP10 supports Microsoft .Net technology for exporting and importing *.txt and *.csv file formats.

The StationManager can be ordered in either of two product  variations depending on power supply input -- 48 VDC or 120 VAC / 124 VDC. StationManager can be rack-mounted or surface mounted depending on the orientation of the movable mounting flanges and LCD display.

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