SCADA Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

TG5700 RTU

TG5700 RTU

The TG5700 is a distributed RTU that was originally designed for transmission substations and power plants. The TG5700 employs a modular and scaleable architecture that supports up to 2,000 hardware I/O points per StationManager CPU card.

SICAM TM 1703 emic RTU


The SICAM TM 1703 emic RTU is intended for use in distribution substations and as a remote I/O module. This DIN-rail mounted RTU is perfect for RTU migrations and supports up to 375 I/O points.

SICAM StationManager2 Data Concentrator

SICAM Station Manager

The SICAM StationManager2 can be used as a stand-alone Data Concentrator or as a CPU card for the TG5700 RTU.

StationManager2 supports a wide range of RTU and IED protocols and helps meet NERC CIP cyber security requirements. The CMP10 configuration software contains a large library of IED templates and employs drag-and-drop programming methodology.

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