PSS®E for Education

Power system planning and analysis tools have become a necessity for organizations throughout the electric power industry to address escalating complexity in modern transmission network systems.

With an escalating need for graduate engineers practiced in applying real-world planning tools and to prepare graduates for a career in the complex competitive environment of network planning, Siemens PTI is pleased to provide educators and students with a dual approach to learning and applying the software tool of choice for over 11,000 professionals at 885 companies in 117 countries.

  • PSS®E Xplore (Free): A version of our world leading PSS®E software suite available at no cost for faculty and students, offering full analytical capabilities for systems up to 50 buses.

  • PSS®E University Edition: Our full, commercially licensed PSS®E analytical suite is offered at a special university price for education purposes and non-externally funded research.

PSS®E Xplore - Providing the fundamentals of power systems engineering, at no cost!

PSS®E Xplore reinforces your course studies and provides students with the fundamentals needed to enter the workforce. PSS®E Xplore includes all the tools and functions of our full, commercially available software, but is limited to 50 bus networks. Presenting students with actual problems that network planning engineers face today and allowing them to work towards a solution, gives students the analytical experience they will need in the power system environment. With the integration of PSS®E being so prevalent in the workforce, and PSS®E Xplore edition offering the same capabilities as our commercially licensed product, students will have the advantage of being exposed to the software before entering the workforce. The PSS®E Xplore edition includes the following components:

  • Power Flow

  • Advanced Contingency Analysis

  • Steady-state Voltage Stability

  • Short Circuit Analysis (Balanced and Unbalanced)

  • Transient Stability Simulation

  • Optimal Power Flow

  • Geomagnetic Induced Current Calculation

  • Node-breaker Modeling

  • Transfer Limit Analysis

  • Network Reduction

PSS®E University Edition - A Special University Offer for Education

For graduate level studies and educational use, Siemens PTI recommends educators consider the use of our commercially licensed product with no bus limits, which is offered at a special university price. PSS®E University Edition is for education purposes and non-externally funded research only.

PSS®E University Edition

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Optional program modules include:

  • Geomagnetic Induced Current (GIC) module

  • Graphical Model Builder Module (GMB)

  • Eigenvalue and Modal Analysis (NEVA)

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