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The latest version of PSS®E 34.4.0 is available for download.

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If any problems are encountered while downloading, installing, or running the PSS®E upgrade, please contact PSS®E Support by clicking here.

PSS®E Download Table

PSS®E Install Version


Installation Notes:

PSS®E 34.4.0 Complete installer includes prerequisites

PSS®E 34.4.0 Complete SINCAL installer

PSS®E 33.11.0 Complete installer includes prerequisites

PSS®E Add-On Modules

PSS®E 32.2.4 Local installation with Documentation

PSS®E 32 Documentation

Graphical Model Builder (GMB) and Small Signal Stability Analysis 14.0

PSS®E Release Notes

PSS®E Release Notes

Frequently Asked Questions/Known Issues


PSS®E Renewable Model Packages

Change Log December, 2015


Wind Packages for PSS®E Versions 29 and Later

Additional Information

Compiler Information/Where to purchase

Environment Manager

Recommended System Configuration

How to Purchase PSS®E

PSS®E full commercial version

PSS®E University Edition

PSS®E Xpress

PSS®E Xplore

PSS®E evaluation version

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