Optional Add-On Modules for PSS®E

The PSS®E base package can be enhanced to include any of the following modules:

Modeling and Data Exchange/Interface Modules

CIM Importer FREE one month trial

Model Management Module FREE one month trial

PSS®E-PSCADTM Data Conversion Module (E-Tran) FREE one month trial

Measurement Interface Module FREE one month trial

Graphical Model Builder (GMB)

Visualization Modules

Data Visualization and Reporting Module FREE one month trial

Analytical Modules

PSS®E-PSCADTM Co-Simulation (E-Tran Plus for PSS®E) FREE one month trial

Small Signal Stability Analysis Module*

Advanced Contingency Analysis and RAS Tools FREE one month trial

Transfer Analysis and Sensitivities Module*

Dynamic Simulation

Geomagnetic Induced Currents (GIC)

Eigenvalue and Modal Analysis (NEVA)

Optimal Power Flow (OPF)

Short Circuit Calculations

Transmission Line Calculator / Line Properties Module

Enhanced Performance / Workflow Speedup Modules

PSS®E Parallel Dynamics Module FREE one month trial

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