PSS®E Add-On Modules Evaluation Request

A trial version of PSS®E Add-On Modules may be obtained for evaluation purposes. Before Siemens PTI can supply the download, you must agree to the PSS®E Add-On Modules Evaluation Agreement and fill out a user profile form. P.O. Boxes are not acceptable.

Please Note: All evaluations are supplied by download. It is recommended that only one 30-day trial is requested at a time to enhance your learning experience.

Prerequisites and compatibility:
All add-on modules require PSS®E installation. For PSS®E version compatibility and additional prerequisites, view add-on module datasheets here.

PSS®E Add-On Modules Evaluation Agreement

Should you have any problem regarding the request process, contact Siemens PTI PSS®E Support by clicking here. For further information about the Modules, click here.

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