IBM-Compatible Personal Computer
Hardware/Software Configuration for PSS®E-33

This following suggested configuration is not necessarily complete or final; it may require additional hardware and system software elements to meet the needs of specific users:


Intel Core 2 - 2GHz or faster.

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows® 7 or Microsoft Windows® Server 2008.


2 GB or more of RAM is highly recommended.


A minimum resolution of 1024x768 with the "small fonts" option enabled, on  a 17" or larger monitor. An AGP card with color palette at a minimum setting of 32 -bit (True Color) is highly recommended to improve graphics performance.

Disk Space:

Approximately 700 MB of free disk space is required for a full installation of PSS®E. Additional space is required for your case files, Python installation (25MB), compiler (if installed), and the Windows® paging file.


It is not necessary to purchase a compiler to run PSS®E. To build Dynamics connection routines and/or user models one will be required.
Compilation of user code for use with the PSS®E-33 requires the Intel Visual Fortran (IVF) compiler 12.0 .
Please click here for information regarding compilation of user code for use with PSS®E-33.


All requirements (hardware, supported OS) can be found in the ReadMe file from the PSS®SINCAL Platform installation media in the section System Requirements.

Installation Media:

PSS®E-33 is supplied via download.


PSS®E is secured through the use of hardware locks, or "dongles" or software licenses. Each machine on which PSS®E is installed will require a hardware lock or software license. Alternatively, PSS®E can be installed to use a single network lock/license. For further details on network locking, please contact Siemens PTI at

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