Spectrum Power SCADA and Energy Management Systems


In any electric power system, the network control system is indispensable for secure, economical and reliable operation.

With Spectrum Power™, we offer you a future-oriented solution for centralized and decentralized energy management. It gives you the tools to increase the availability of your network, to respond faster and more effectively to malfunctions, and to reduce the risk of system disturbances and outages.

Spectrum Power is integrated into a powerful, end-to-end range of products and solutions which allows you to swiftly adapt your electric power system to new conditions – both today and tomorrow. Our technical and innovative concepts ensure that your network control system will continue to meet your requirements well into the future.


Spectrum Power – For the Right Decision in Every Situation

Spectrum Power gives operators a fast, reliable overview of their network, so they can swiftly know and assess its status. This fast assessment is an excellent basis for avoiding wrong decisions – and the costs that could result.

Intelligent user guidance also contributes to reliable, efficient operation. With its modern user interface and simple, consistent operational concepts, the network control system supports operational processes as well as correct actions in critical situations.

Assured Access to Information – Anytime and Anywhere

A Web-based architecture with mobile online access to all data supports decentralized operation of Spectrum Power – whether it’s for mobile system administration, fast restoration of power, or to support active participation in energy trading.

Your maintenance people receive any alarm messages simply via phone call or SMS. So you can respond from any location – from outside the plant, from workstations outside the control center or, if you’re on call, even from your home.

Reducing Maintenance and Operating Costs – Increasing Network Availability

Reducing maintenance and operating costs is an important way to ensure economical operation of your network. Spectrum Power contributes extensively to such cost reductions – through improved assessment of your network’s status and optimized utilization of your resources.

Maintenance management makes it possible to perform planned maintenance with perfect timing. The correction of disturbances and outages is supported by applications for fast fault localization and isolation. And the automation of switching sequences helps you restore power as quickly as possible.

You can use a simulation mode to examine planned actions and their effect on the network, without affecting real-time operations.

Security for Your Investments too

The data in your network control system is important and must be preserved, regardless of how technologies and platforms may develop in the future. That’s why the Spectrum Power product family relies on internationally valid standards – from data modeling compliant with IEC 61970 (CIM) to communications standards such as IEC 60870-5-101, -104, DNP, ICCP or OPC. So you’ll be ready for the future.

Thanks to open interfaces such as these, all your existing data can be simply migrated to Spectrum Power as needed. You benefit from the capabilities of new, powerful technologies – while we protect your existing investments.

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