Smart Grid

Smart Grid Priming Services Customized to Deliver Successful Smart Grid Solutions for Your Utility

Siemens Metering and Communications Solutions offers:

  • Superior operational knowledge of how utilities and assets function

  • Comprehensive ability to provide utilities a roadmap for Smart Grid application technologies and use cases

  • Project management and system integration services

Siemens delivers robust Smart Grid solutions designed to meet utility specific needs, budget and schedule. Our PM@Siemens project methodology, ranked in the top five project methods in the world, is based on Project Management Institute best practices. This proven project management methodology follows a flexible waterfall approach and enables us to reduce project risk and ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery.


Siemens Program Management

Siemens provides:

  • A complete turnkey solution and services for your Smart Grid Solution, which include:
      - meter installation
      - AMI/MDM deployment
      - and systems integration

  • The scope for program management and system integration is delivered by a Siemens team and includes the following resources:
      - Overall program manager with total AMI/MDM responsibilities
      - Project manager to monitor and control AMI deployment and meter installation
      - System integration manager responsible for CIS modifications and integration with MDM

  • Siemens also provides a comprehensive menu of systems integration services, such as:
      - SI Requirements Definition & Design
      - CIS-to-MDM: MDM Model Synchronization
      - MDM-to-CIS: Billing Determinants
      - CIS-to-WMS: Meter Model Synchronization
      - CIS-to-WMS: Installation Work-Orders
      - WMS-to-CIS: Meter Swap Information
      - Meter Inventory-to-CIS: Meter Model Synchronization
      - CIS-to-Consumer Data Web Portal: Billing History
      - CIS-to-Consumer Data Web Portal: Cost True Up

  • And many more!

Siemens Program Management

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