A Microgrid is a scaled down version of the centralized power system that generates, distributes, and regulates the flow of electricity.  It can operate either grid connected or islanded and, if required, can switch between the two. Siemens takes a broad view of microgrid infrastructure and includes the generation, distribution and consumption of electricity, water and gas. We are able to leverage our entire portfolio and tackle challenges of the entire system.

An Example Microgrid

How a microgrid solution works

A Microgrid Solution

A microgrid solution is secured using the same tools, techniques, and best practices that would be used to secure a larger utility grid. Siemens' Microgrid Management System integrates and optimizes decentralized power generation assets and controllable loads to ensure enablement of energy infrastructure functionality. This advanced software solution will be responsible for optimally managing the grid assets and ensuring that economic goals are reached while meeting energy demand.

Power Generation

Siemens has a broad power generation portfolio that includes: solar photovoltaic and concentrated solar power, wind, gas turbines, steam turbines and power conversion systems for electric energy storage. Siemens also has control systems with the ability to aggregate and economically optimize the dispatch of distributed generation resources for both electricity and heat production (sometimes called a virtual power plant).

Power Consumption

Siemens has multiple demand side management strategies for industrial, commercial and residential consumers which include everything from Building Automation Systems, to industrial energy optimization systems.  Siemens is also a leader in electro mobility and can deploy turnkey solutions for electric vehicle charging and vehicle charging management.

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