Security-Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC)

You can save millions of dollars in fuel costs simply by scheduling future generation more accurately.

Problem: Utilities and grid operators face a growing number of variable challenges in delivering electricity to customers as efficiently and economically as possible.

Solution: SCUC software optimizes the commitment and dispatch of generation in order to maintain grid reliability at the lowest possible cost.

Return on Investment: With Siemens' solution, utilities have seen a full payback of the SCUC software solution within a matter of weeks. Read our SCUC case study.

Siemens Spectrum Power™ SCUC solves a suite of optimization challenges for operational cost savings while taking into account grid reliability. It uses a sophisticated set of algorithms to determine the when and how to run the most economical generators at various points during the day, based on anticipated demand. The same programs will examine the physical constraints on the grid and send electricity across the most efficient pathways so consumers can keep their lights on.

The software is about optimizing the use of energy, which means saving money and potentially avoiding the construction of expensive infrastructure such as new power lines and power plants. The utility can see a full payback of SCUC software solution costs in a matter of weeks.

  • Provides an optimized schedule for your generation mix, considering the relevant constraints for operations planning and real time.

  • Optimizes fuel, maintenance, startup, shutdown and auxiliary costs to reduce the overall operational costs of producing energy.

  • Optimizes system operational ramps to meet uncertainty from wind and solar units.

  • Optimizes non-generating resources, network and human resources (such as crew constraints).

  • Daily, hourly and sub-hourly runs – seamless alignment between operations planning and real time.

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