Replacing a Transformer Bushing

For power transformers starting at 115kv or 50MVA

Power transformers are crucial assets for ensuring a continuous supply of power and must be reliable and rugged as key components of the electrical network.  Power Transformers are frequently in use for decades and are therefore subject to the unavoidable effects of aging and wear. Keeping up with recommended maintenance, as well as communication with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), are fundamental in ensuring long life to these important assets.

One vital component that is commonly replaced during a transformer’s lifetime is the bushing. Bushings are used in transformers as the mean to conduct potential in and out of the tank,  and may require replacement due to reasons such as electrical issues often found in power factor and capacitance changes, physical damage, unsatisfactory dissolved gas analysis when oil filled, no oil in reservoir due to leaks, and reasons related to the bushings manufacture and design. A bushing failure could translate into a catastrophic and expensive transformer failure, so keeping all components of a transformer in good operating condition is important in maintaining and extending its life.  Safety always comes first, and transformer owners usually decide to replace the bushing when questions arise about the health of these components.

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