Spectrum Power™ ADMS transforms utility data into actionable information

Spectrum Power™ Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) combines supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), outage management, fault management and network analysis functions on a single software platform within a common user environment.

Whether all software functionality is required or just certain areas, Siemens’ platform will seamlessly integrate with existing control systems and applications while simplifying work processes and facilitating efficient data management.

Realize distributed energy benefits through intelligent management

A comprehensive DERMS portfolio from customer to control center

Siemens’ Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) is a culmination of best-in-class planning, operations, and customer-facing platforms seamlessly integrated to solve the multifaceted challenges of incorporating and benefiting from distributed energy resources on the grid.

Siemens’ DERMS solution features advanced distribution control center functionalities that provide insight to the entire power system state, operations planning to define how the system should be operated in the coming days and weeks, and customer-oriented applications that define, aggregate, forecast, settle and control customer-owned distributed energy installations within a utility’s service territory.

The solution includes tools that provide data and visibility across the entire energy system: from transmission and distribution grid planning to market forecasting for more effective management of existing and new distributed energy resources.

The solution also features customer-centric applications that allow utilities to better define, forecast and control customer-owned distributed energy resources across their territory, enabling customers to become prosumers of energy.

Key benefits include:

  • Improve system reliability and outage management

  • Enable safe and coordinated DER integration across business functions

  • Realize DER benefits through network and economic optimization

  • Increase automation, communication, and analytic capabilities across the system through advanced data management

  • Increase efficiencies of business processes through automation

  • Effectively engage with prosumers

Siemens provides a holistic, integrated and flexible portfolio of software and hardware needed for managing the modern two-way grid and enabling distributed energy resource (DER) grid capabilities, including:

  • Planning and Impact Analysis (PSS®SINCAL)
    Evaluates network capacity to support DERs and integrate T&D planning efforts with operations decisions.

  • Control center (Spectrum Power™)
    Provides visibility of the entire system state with the goal of reliable network operation and efficient economic optimization given current network constraints with the onset of DER.

  • Customer-centric applications (EnergyIP®)
    Creates the ability to define, aggregate, forecast, settle and control customer-owned DER installations within your service territory.

  • Renewable Integration and control (SICAM RI)
    The ideal solution for local monitoring and control, acting as an intelligent RTU for utility-owned distributed energy.

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