The Utility View of Achieving Agility in the Distributed Energy Era through a Holistic and Flexible Digitalization Approach

January 2017 Survey Report

DERs 2017 survey

Download our 2017 Report:

This report breaks down the challenges and benefits of DERs in today’s utilities, and discusses how utilities are developing digitalization strategies to build a holistic, fully integrated and flexible DER-enabled grid. We surveyed over 200 utilities to find answers to these questions and more.

Survey responses on:

  • Top benefits of DERs

  • Importance of DER integration

  • DER strategic planning

  • Change in importance

  • Deployment status

  • Top challenges of DER integration

  • Strength of connection needed between DERs and digitalization

  • Technology solutions involved in DER integration

  • Value of technology integration in DER efforts

  • Top challenges to a holistic approach

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