A Case for DERMS for Advanced Control of the Grid

Whitepaper - June 2017

The Distribution Grid is Expanding Fast. Are You Ready?

The growing number of grid-edge resources (e.g.,  residential solar, energy storage, and electric vehicles) is driving grid complexity and adding risk for distribution utilities as they strive to fulfill their obligation to maintain grid stability and reliability. However, this risk can be reduced if utility operators have visibility and can control the new assets regardless of who owns or operates them. This is where the Siemens DERMS solution comes into play.

Download this complimentary whitepaper to learn more about:

  • What is DERMS and why is it needed?

  • The advantages offered by DERMS: Ensures network safety and reliability, Enables integration and adoption of distributed energy, Leverages economic benefits of distributed energy

  • The functions provided by DERMS: Speaks to individuals or aggregators, Integrates with other utility systems to enhance grid reliability, Visualizes with granularity in real-time, Optimizes for economics

  • Utility challenges ahead on the changing grid

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