DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition 2019

Agility in Energy

In the fast-changing energy system - driven by decentralization and decarbonization - digitalization is the key to create additional value. Agility in energy is the main quality required from all participants on a proactive journey towards the "3D" grid to capitalize on a multitude of opportunities. The ongoing global energy transition opens two major challenges: intelligent grids and consumer-centric business models. With our combined solutions for electrification, automation, and digitalization, Siemens will create multi-layered, decentralized, and a connected grid, create suitable business models, and invest in the best solutions for our customers.

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Siemens' Ask the Experts service gives you access to Digital Grid professionals specializing in microgrids, digital twin technology, digital substations, DERMS, ADMS, cyber security, and more.

Click on any of the headshots below to watch a brief video from each of our experts.

Electrical Digital Twin - Joe Canterino
Microgrids for Utilities - Maggie Clout
Digital Substations - Eric Stranz
DERMS - Mitch Henke
DERMS & ADMS Integration - Scott Wellman
Grid Cyber Security - Andy Turke

Electrical Digital Twin Videos

David Green, Research Manager at IHS Markit, elaborates on the challenges involved with putting an end to all data silos. Find out about the advantages that result from it!

Christoph Jugel, Director of Energy Systems at Deutsche Energie-Agentur, illustrates the opportunities arising from the use of a Digital Twin – from data availability to what-if-scenarios.

Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General at ENTSO-E, describes the digital twin as an interesting concept which besides others helps to better anticipate the reactions and capability of a plant.

Agility in Energy: Connecting an All-Electric World

  • Internet of Energy - Powered by MindSphere: Excel in the era of the all-electric connected energy world. Siemens solutions for the Internet of Energy – Powered by MindSphere can be your key to keeping power supply systems as efficient, reliable, sustainable, and secure as possible. Our comprehensive range of Siemens Software and Digital Services for energy management is designed to help you monetizing the revolutionary impact of the Internet of Things.

  • Digital Substation with the Future Built-In: Manage multi-directional and complex 3D grids in a reliable, safe, and efficient manner. Siemens Digital Substation with the Future Built-In offers an integrated 360-degree portfolio of products, services, and solutions for digitalization, right at the heart of the grid – making consistent use of all available data, state-of-the-art analysis, and complete data connectivity through Cloud-based platforms, such as MindSphere.

  • Electrical Digital Twin: Maintain operational excellence and maximize future investments with data accuracy, modeling, and automation. The Siemens Digital Twin solution closely aligns real and virtual worlds by providing utilities with a single source of truth to model data across their entire IT landscape – the perfect virtual image of the physical grid.

  • Intelligent Grid Operations: Master the global energy transition with Intelligent Grid Operations. Siemens solutions for local re-balancing provide fast and flexible yet efficient, reliable, sustainable, and secure answers to manage the disruptive and rapidly changing challenges of the energy ecosystem. Siemens offers a broad range of use cases for new or expanded ancillary and other services to achieve optimal grid efficiency.

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