Demand Response Management System (DRMS)


Siemens Demand Response Management System (DRMS) is a proven software platform that allows utilities to manage all aspects of their demand response (DR) programs through a single, integrated system.

DRMS solves the challenge of creating an automated, integrated, and flexible demand response solution:

  • DR capacity can be scaled in a cost effective manner by automating the manual processes that are typically used to execute DR events and settlement.

  • DRMS can be fully integrated with utility systems to leverage investments in Smart Grid technology.

  • DR resources can be used in a more intelligent and efficient way by planning and executing load shed at grid locations where the utility has more benefit.

Siemens DRMS dashboard

Surgical Demand Response

Siemens DRMS uses a flexible load aggregation engine that allows aggregations to be defined by substation, feeder line, zip code, map interface or several other associations. This “surgical” approach uses DR program resources more efficiently and allows utilities to ”condition the load” so that grid conditions are more favorable to safe and reliable operations.

For example, DRMS can be configured to automatically execute DR events on loads serviced by specific substations or feeder lines when they are under operating stress and threaten reliability. Surgical DR gives utilities the ability to limit or avoid outages, restoration costs, and contributes to longer, better performing assets.

Map-based load aggregation


The Siemens DRMS platform allows utilities to scale DR capacity in a cost-effective way by automating processes across multiple programs and all customer classes. DRMS automates event notification and execution according to program definitions.

After an event, DRMS automatically performs measurement and verification by retrieving billing grade meter data and then calculating baselines and billing determinants at the individual site and aggregation levels. DRMS has reporting capabilities to monitor the performance of DR programs and events. Collectively, these capabilities give utilities almost instant financial metrics to evaluate DR performance.

DRMS interface


Siemens DRMS has the ability to interface with other control room, back office and customer-facing applications through bi-directional communications so that DR related assets and data are always accessible. Billing and settlement is accurate and accelerated because DRMS integrates to meter data management (MDM) and customer information systems. DRMS also has a SCADA interface to enable real time demand monitoring and automated “surgical” control of substations.

Siemens DRMS integration

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