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Business Transformation Services

Helping utilities manage multiple challenges

Market Shift Challenges:

Around the world, it’s clear that a paradigm shift is taking place – power grids are transforming into smart grids that are more transparent, more interactive, and more environmentally friendly than ever before.

  • How will you execute your company’s smart grid strategy, step-by-step?

  • What actions should be taken with the available resources, in what time frame, and with what benefits?

With the Compass™ method, Siemens rolls up its sleeves and helps you find the right answers as a part of a comprehensive, integrated team effort. Then, Siemens is there by your side to help as you implement your plans.

Business Planning Challenges:

Due to the complex and changing market environment, utilities face a myriad of business planning challenges:

Organizational Alignment.

Utilities, municipalities, policy makers and regulators are planning on different levels; often the interfaces between these plans are vaguely defined at best

Stakeholder Alignment.

Objectives, directions, strategic considerations and even the language are vastly different among internal and external stakeholders, not to mention whole departments

Planning and Silos.

Utilities are often challenged to plan across silos, where political differences can slow or stall a project

Diverse Visions.

The general perception of the “energy future” vision is diverse across stakeholders

Narrow Business Cases.

Vertical technology-focused Smart Grid business cases are generally difficult to achieve, where benefits outside of the tight project focus go uncounted

Technology Business Alignment.

Effectively enabling technology systems optimized across the whole organizational landscape to capture interdependencies and business impact

Failing to adequately address these planning challenges puts project delivery at risk of missed targets or outright failure. Failure to develop a well-considered plan puts the utility at risk of multiple negative consequences, including long-term sustainability.

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