Asset Intelligence

The Asset Intelligence application analyzes and visualizes asset lifespan and health, and calculates the likelihood of failure

Asset Intelligence helps you lower operating costs, reduce risk and outages, increase regulatory compliance and take control of transmission operations planning.

Asset Intelligence integrated into Siemens Spectrum Power™ EMS systems gives utilities, RTOs and ISOs the unique insight needed for improved operations and contingency analysis that accounts for the health of aging transmission assets.

Improved contingency analysis increases system reliability and supports regulatory compliance by optimizing dispatch, reducing frequency and severity of unplanned outages, and improving effectiveness of planned outages.

Why Asset Intelligence for Transmission Planning and Operations?

  • Prioritize the dispatch of power over assets that are relatively healthier than other assets

  • Use the health of transmission assets in contingency planning

  • Better insight to predict and avert asset failures and avoid costly unplanned outages

  • Receive advanced warning of weather impacts on transmission assets and respond accordingly

  • Better insight for planning and executing planned outages necessary for asset maintenance, repair and replacement

Features and Benefits

User Interface

The comprehensive view from Asset Intelligence allows you to align your risk tolerances, business objectives and processes, and asset management strategies for optimum performance.

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