Power Testing Lab

For your product performance testing needs: Tucker Power Testing Laboratories

Time and cost savings through “1 Stop Shopping” – At the Siemens Power Labs, we offer almost everything you need to complete your testing on schedule and on budget in one convenient location.

Physical Address:

2005 Weems Road

Tucker, GA 30084


Mailing Address:

3496 Montreal Industrial Way

Tucker, GA 30084

(770) 496-8608

Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction

At Siemens, we believe in “Thinking Customer”. At Tucker, that means you come first. Literally.Your testing schedule will be our first priority. We work with you before your arrival to plan your testing and we also help you make the best use of your time in Tucker by offering a private working area including a telephone and wireless internet connection.

HIC / Power Test Lab

  • Short Circuit Testing up to 600 VAC - 100,000A / 10,000A and 750 VDC 30,000A

  • Loaded/Unloaded Endurance Testing

Engineering Analysis Lab

  • Axial Force Tester Testing up to up to 10,000 pounds

  • Coordinate-Measuring Machine

  • High Speed Video

  • X-Ray Machines

  • Optical Comparator

  • Digital Microscopes

  • Flexible Borescope with Recording

  • Thermal Camera

AC Controls Lab

  • Mechanical Fatigue Testing

  • Electrical Lifetime Testing

Magnetics Lab

  • Magnetic Calibration up to 20,000A

  • Magnetic Reliability and Burn-in Testing for Electronics

Thermal Lab

  • Calibration and Temperature Rise Testing up to 3 Phase - 6000A

  • Dielectric Testing Testing up to AC 10,000A, DC 6,000A

  • Breaker Resistance at 100A DC

Environmental Lab

  • Environmental Test Chambers

  • Temperature Cycling (-60C to +177C) at up to 98% Humidity

  • Salt Fog Chamber

  • Rain Test

  • Atomized Water Test

  • Hosedown Test

UL/IEC Interface

Certified test location for the following standards:

  • UL (including UL489, UL508, and UL67)

  • IEC

  • CSA

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