Siemens is committed to maintaining and improving your system’s productivity and efficiency. We offer a complete portfolio of services for your electrical distribution equipment - from start up and commissioning to maintenance. We combine world-class expertise with local knowledge to help you address asset management, start-ups, equipment installations, retrofit projects, additions and modifications.

Start-Up and Commissioning

Startup and Commissioning Services from Siemens will provide you with proven expertise to verify that your power distribution system and electrical components conform to design specifications and confirm the integrity and calibration of all system components.

Power System Engineering

Siemens Power System Engineering services perform consulting, analytical study and specialized field service to fit your needs.  Services include arc flash studies, short circuit and protective device coordination studies and much more.

Power II Measure Service

Siemens Power II Measure Service provides professional busway routing and measurement by a factory representative. Save time and money with correct alignment and routing of the busway to ensure the most cost effective power distribution system.

Financial Services

Financing plays an increasingly important role in facilitating infrastructure investments. Siemens offers various financing options to enable investments in innovative technology and sustainable infrastructure through efficient financial solutions.

Maintenance Services

Siemens Maintenance Services provides solutions that return improved performance and increased availability from your assets. From Siemens SARRACS (Safety Remote Breaker Racking System) to preventive and predictive maintenance services we support you throughout the entire life cycle of your product or system.

PDS Energy Management Engineering Services

A Siemens designed solution using an advanced energy management software platform, coupled with high quality Siemens meters, breakers, relays, and more will result in a powerful tool, helping to analyze, identify and correct power issues before they become critical.

PDS Application Engineers can help from design through commissioning of even the most demanding power quality and monitoring systems.

Power Testing Lab

Time and cost savings through “1 Stop Shopping” – At the Siemens Power Labs, we offer almost everything you need to complete your testing on schedule and on budget in one convenient location.

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