Siemens Power Distribution Roadshow

The Siemens Power Distribution roadshow is a self-contained traveling counter day and trade show exhibit. This mobile showcase is designed to promote the Siemens brand name and product breadth by taking the show to the customers.

The 30' trailer includes Siemens control products for construction and industrial industries. Each product is highlighted with eye-catching signage to fully describe the features and benefits.

Along with the products inside, take a look at the outside of the trailer for more of Siemens solutions. You will see a wide breadth of product offerings, including the Standby Power and solar switch offering.

Hear what customers are saying about the roadshow:

  • "The Siemens trailer makes it possible to see the products right before your eyes and your questions can be answered directly by a Siemens technology expert"

  • "The customer appreciation event was a success; the trailer is amazing. It is impressive how much gear Siemens managed to fit in the space available"

  • "Customers took time to walk through and check out the trailer; we definitely would like to have the trailer again at our customer appreciation event"

Where is the trailer going next?

Our next stop will be at the Electro Expo, March 10 - 12. Register now!

Take a look at the products that are showcased inside the trailer: 

Along with the trailer, the following accessories are provided, making for a complete counter day type atmosphere:

  • Roadshow Flyer

  • 10 x 15' tent with side walls for protection from the elements

  • Two 6' tables and table clothes for literature or product display

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