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In today's fast paced world, we live and work on our mobile devices. With Siemens, you now have the digital tools at your disposal to make your job faster, easier and more efficient. The solutions are at your fingertips.


COMPAS Mobile brings all the quote and order information that resides on the server to your mobile device.  Download to your iOS or Android phone and/or tablet.

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    Want to know where, when and who should use our digital tools?  This infographic illustrates the three mobile tools we have available.

    SItrack - Quick tracking of orders

    SItrack is the perfect tool for those that are on the move needing information on jobs quickly, such as outside sales and project managers! Track your COMPAS order through the entire ordering cycle. The app also lets you view the SPEEDFAX catalog as well as our product videos to learn about various features and benefits.

    Please note: A COMPAS user name and password is required for the project tracking piece of the app, however videos and the catalogs can be accessed without a login.

    RepFiles - Marketing materials go mobile

    On RepFiles you will find all the Siemens marketing content needed to get the job done - videos, presentations, trainings, catalogs, etc. - all via a free app sponsored by the NAED.  After download, request access to the Siemens Marketing Material plug-in and you're set!

    RepFiles Tip: It doesn’t have to take up space

    Listen to this short recording to learn how to keep the app in "online only" (versus "sync all") to save your device's memory.  You don't have to download files to your device!

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