Siemens Buck-Boost Transformers

The Buck-Boost Transformer has four separate windings, two-windings in the primary and two-windings in the secondary. The unit is designed for use as an isolation/insulating transformer or as an autotransformer. As an autotransformer the unit can be connected to Buck (decrease) or Boost (increase) a supply voltage. When connected in either the Buck or Boost mode, the unit is no longer an isolating/insulating transformer but is an autotransformer. Units are designed for 60Hz applications.

Features and Benefits

Autotransformers are more economical and physically smaller than equivalent two-winding transformers and are designed to perform the same function as two-winding transformers, with the exception of isolating two circuits. Since autotransformers may transmit line disturbances directly, they may be prohibited in some areas by local building codes. Before applying them, care should be taken to assure that they are acceptable according to local code.

Note: See SpeedFax Section 8 (8-21 through 8-26) for charts with Catalog Numbers and Buck-Boost values.

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