Single Phase & Three Phase General Purpose

Single phase transformers are normally used to step-down single phase power at 600V, 480V or 240V to 240V or 208V. They are available with encapsulated and ventilated construction. They can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. They are also available with special primary and secondary voltage ratings for use in overseas applications. Three phase transformers are normally used to step-down three phase power at 600V, 480V, 380V, 230V, to 240V or 120V. They are available as encapsulated, non-ventilated and ventilated enclosures. They can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. We also have a product line of three phase dual purpose autotransformers. Siemens also offers transformer with K-Factor ratings. K-Factor is a ratio between the additional losses due to harmonics and the eddy losses at 60Hz. It is used to specify transformers for non-linear loads. Note that K-Factor transformers do not eliminate harmonic distortion; they withstand the non-linear load condition without overheating. All designs are UL K-Factor Listed per UL 1561 designed to IEEE C57.110 requirements. See website Selection and Application guide for more info.

Features and Benefits

Our low voltage general purpose distribution transformers are available in a wide variety of ratings to provide versatile electrical distribution for general purpose, lighting and power loads in commercial and industrial applications. A variety of primary and secondary voltage ratings are available to match the load requirements to the distribution system. All units meet applicable ANSI and NEMA standards. Standard designs are UL Listed. Dry type transformers are air cooled by natural convection. They require no special vaults for installation, and can be installed in locations convenient to the load being served.

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