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UL98 Visible Blade Disconnects

Visible blade disconnects are available in 30-600A ratings. Flange mounted handles are available for all ratings and door mounted rotary handles are available for 30-200A MCS type switches. Labor saving flange mounted switches are also offered in 30-200A ratings .

Features and Benefits

  • Positive switching action: All Visible blade disconnects feature quick make, quick break switching action.

  • Rugged Durability: All copper current carrying parts except for lugs are standard.  All are both load break and HP rated.   

  • Flexibility: 30-600A switches are offered in both fusible and non-fusible versions. Flange mounted handles are standard, Rotary door mounted handles are also available for 30-200A ratings.  Rigid variable depth shaft drive is standard and Max-Flex cable drive is also available in 30-200A ratings.  Labor saving flange mounted switches in 30-200A ratings round out the line.

  • Ease of Installation: The line base, load base and the operating mechanism are factory installed on a mounting pan on VBII type disconnects.  This reduces labor cost and assures proper line base to mechanism alignment.

  • Padlockable: All visible blade disconnects are padlockable with up to (3) padlocks with 5/16" hasps in the OFF position.

  • Availability: Most visible blade disconnects are in warehouse stock and can be shipped in 2-3 days after palcement of order.

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