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UL98 Rotary Disconnects

UL 98 fusible rotary disconnects are available in 30-800A ratings. 30A non-fusible switches are also available. They can be used on circuits that are rated through 200K and use Class J fuses in 30-600A ratings and Class L fuses at 800A. Class CC fusing is also offered at 30A. They feature quick make and quick break operation. Rotary handles are available for Type 1,3R and 12 or for 4X applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility: 30-800A disconnects are available with various handles and accessories.

  • Compact Size:  Class CC or J fuse provisions combined with a  front  fuse mounting location provide a very compact foot-print to allow the equipment enclosure size to be reduced. Reduced size 30 & 60A 100K AIC rated switches are also available.

  • Ease of Installation:  Simple door handle cutouts and  (4) hole switch mounting speed installation. Lugs are factory installed on 30-100A switches.

  • Padlockable:  All handles are padlockable in the OFF position with up to (3) padlocks.

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