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Interlocked Receptacle Switches

Receptacle Safety Switches provide cord connection protection of heavy-duty portable equipment (welders, infrared ovens, batch feeders, portable conveyors, assembly line fixtures and tools, refrigerator trucks, etc.) under load or fault conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged installer-friendly enclosure design features a gasket flange with continuously welded seams

  • Tool free cover latches

  • Ground bar supplied as standard and connected to 4th wire in receptacle

  • Metal handle with large insulating grip features a positive stop in both ON and OFF positions

  • Insertion or removal of the plug is prevented when the switch is in the ON position

  • Type 12 and 4/4X Receptacle Safety Switches are available with 3-phase, 4-wire grounded type Crouse-Hinds Arkite™ 2 or Pyle-National receptacle, pre-wired and mounted with interlock linkage to the switch mechanism.

  • Receptacle prevents operation of switch if incorrect plug is inserted.

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