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Double Throw Safety Switches

Double throw switches are intended to transfer loads from one power source to another. All 2 & 3-pole double throw switches are suitable for use as service equipment including non-fusible versions when used in combination with a UL listed circuit breaker or fusible switch. All are UL Listed and both horsepower and load break rated. Switches are rated for use on systems up to 10,000A when protected with Class H fuses or 100,000A when protected with Class R or Class T fuses. They can also be used to connect a single source of power to either of two loads. In this application it is necessary to field modify fusible switches so that the fuses are on the load side of the switching mechanism. A cover interlock is provided on all ampere ratings. The operating handle may be padlocked in the off position.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick-make and break switching action

  • Visible blade construction

  • Highly visible ON/OFF indication

  • Modular design allows quick and easy replacement of parts

  • Front removable lugs which can easily be converted to copper body or compression type lugs in most ratings

  • Defeatable dual cover interlock on 2 and 3 pole Type “DT” switches

  • 2 and 3 pole switches are suitable for use as service equipment

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