The Industry's Most Trusted Safety Switches

Siemens VBII safety switches provide superior performance and application flexibility. An extended array of accessories and replacement parts reduce installation costs. They feature quick make and break operation and visible blade construction. Available 30-1200 Amps, Fusible and non-fusible and for AC and DC applications. The variety of NEMA rated enclosures allow for versatile environmental applications.

Solar Photovoltaic Switches

3 Needs, 1 solution: Siemens Photovoltaic Switch. The first UL Listed line of disconnect switches specifically designed for use with three separate 600VDC circuits. One VBII disconnect performs the function of three competitive switches. These switches are designed for 600VDC max or special selection of 1000VDC Max (200Amp). Systems which must comply with Article 690 of the NEC. Switches are available for use in both negative and positive ground PV systems.

Enclosed Rotary Switches

Enclosed rotary handle switches offer a cost effective and very compact solution when a local or "in-sight" non-fusible disconnect is required.

Panelboard Switches

Panelboard switches are available in 30-1200A ratings and are UL98 listed. The 30-600A versions are supplied with Class H fusing as standard and can be converted to accept either Class R or J fuses.

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