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Bridges Electric™ Vector® Series

Features & Benefits

The Bridges Electric™ Vector® series is a line of group-operated switches designed for superior performance in three-phase loadbreak switching while remaining competitive in price. The Vector is available in ratings of 15/25 kV and 38 kV, 150 kV BIL and 200 kV BIL, 900 A or 1,200 A continuous current and 600 A or 900 A loadbreak. The Vector is manufactured as a true unitized switch; it is not three single-phase switches mounted to a crossarm. The switch is completely factory assembled and adjusted eliminating the need for fine tuning in the field following the installation of the switch. The standard Vector switch incorporates bolt-on interrupters; plug-in interrupters are available as an option.

The unique base assembly consists of a 3” x 5” (76 mm x 127 mm) galvanized steel or 4” x 6” (102 mm x 152 mm) fiberglass tubular housing, oil impregnated sinter bronze bushings, “O” rings with covers and stainless steel end caps (ABS plastic for fiberglass base) that enclose the operating mechanism of the switch for superior weather protection. The internal operating mechanism incorporates an innovative balanced-force concept for easeof operation by balancing the leverage forces on the rotating insulators.

Installation is made simple with the factory-installed “single-point lift bracket.” Provisions for dead-ending all three conductors is standard (on most models) along with the “pole hugger” design for aesthetics. All Vector® series switches are available in pipe-operated versions, hookstick-operated gang (the HOG) versions and motorized versions with SCADA control.

Vector Series Switches

Vector series switch ratings include:

  • 900 A continuous current

  • 600/630 A loadbreak

  • 40,000 A momentary current loadbreak

  • 25,000 A three-second

  • 20,000 A one-time symmetrical fault close in

  • 15,000 A three-time symmetrical fault close in

Standard features include:

  • Silver-to-silver hinge and jaw contacts

  • Provisions for dead-ending on switch (optional on phase-over-phase)

  • Enclosed balanced bearing operating mechanism

  • Pole hugger operating shaft for improved installation appearance

  • Four seven-foot pipe sections, handle and locking assembly and necessary couplings and guides

  • Single-point hoist bracket - remove after installation (permanent installation on phase-over-phase)

  • All components packaged in one crate

  • Bolt-on Saf-T-Gap interrupers

  • Copper-bronze hot parts

  • Tinned terminal pads.

Vector Series Switch Installation
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