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Bridges Electric™ Topper® Series

Features & Benefits

The Bridges Electric™ Topper® series of switches takes its name from the original Topper switch, a pole top-only design of unequalled compactness, ease of installation and unique synchronized operation. The same proven hot parts are used on all Topper styles. The Topper series is conservatively rated and has superior fault close, three-second, continuous and loadbreak ratings.

The Topper series is available in ratings of 15 kV through 38 kV, 110kV BIL through 200 kV BIL, 900 A and 1,200 A. The three-phase switch unit consisting of the large square galvanized steel or extruded aluminum housing, the operating mechanism contained within the housing and the three single-pole switch units, which utilize a common base, is completely pre-assembled and factory adjusted so that no field adjustment of the switch is required other than the final assembly of the vertical operating shaft and the operating handle.

The square shaped housing is enclosed, with covers at both ends, and "O" rings at all journal bearings, so that the three-phase operating mechanism of the switch is better protected from exposure to weather. The horizontal break switch is available with 600 A and 900 A Saf-T-Gap or 1,200 A vacuum interrupters in all ratings.

Both the vacuum interrupters and the Saf-T-Gap have a special plug-in feature that allows the unit to be installed or removed with a standard shotgun stick. This can be accomplished if the switch is open or closed, energized or dead. The switch is available with 3" D.B.C. NEMA substation-class insulators or 2 1/4" D.B.C. distribution-class insulators. The switch base has provisions for dead-ending all three phases on certain models.

The Bridges Electric™ Topper® Series switches can be customized to fit substation structures. The switches are designed to be installed in existing or new substations. Being a truly unitized switch and fully factory adjusted makes for easier installation, as well as lower installation costs.

Topper Switch
Phase-Over-Phase Topper Switch
Crossarm Topper Switch
Vertical Topper Switch

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