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4 & 6-Pole Heavy Duty Safety Switches

4 & 6-pole Switches are commonly used as a disconnecting means for two-speed, two-winding motors. Fused switches provide both over current and short circuit protection. Non-fusible switches normally provide a local disconnection means for two speed motors which are remote from their motor controller. 4-pole switches are also used in 3-phase, 4-wire circuits when a switching neutral is required. All 4 & 6-pole switches are service entrance rated.

Features and Benefits

  • Visible blade, double break switching action

  • Highly visible ON/OFF indication

  • Defeatable dual cover interlock

  • Padlockable in OFF position

  • All copper current carrying parts

  • Tangential knockouts (Type1, 4-pole switches)

  • Type 12 & 4X switches are provided with an equipment ground kit as standard

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