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316 Grade Stainless Steel & Non-Metallic Switches

Siemens 316 Grade Stainless Steel safety switches provide an increased level of corrosion resistance when compared to standard 304 grade stainless, especially in atmospheres containing a high level of chlorine and other chemicals commonly encountered in marine, waste management, food & beverage, petrochemical, and mining applications.


Siemens Non-Metallic safety switches are ideal for heavy duty industrial applications. All catalog numbers utilize a fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosure that is resistant to a wide range of corrosive atmospheres. A continuous memory retaining gasket keeps the enclosures interior free from dust, oil and moisture and the superior thermal insulating properties of fiberglass virtually eliminate problems caused by internal condensation.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick Make – Quick Break Mechanism

  • Visible Blade, Double Break Construction

  • Padlock – Off Handle Feature

  • Field Installable Auxiliary Contacts

  • Field Replaceable Line and Load Bases

  • Ground Lug as Standard

  • Clear, Hinged Line Shield

  • Neutrals Installed as Standard on Fusible Switches

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