Siemens Stock Switchboards

Stock switchboards provide immediate pre-packaged service entrance equipment.  Siemens stock switchboards provide pre-packaged designs that are stocked at Siemens distribution centers and are available for immediate delivery to match the needs of the construction market.  Stock switchboards are suitable for service entrance equipment, they combine utility metering provisions with a main disconnect.

Features and Benefits

Super Blue Pennant

  • Specifically designed to meet EUSERC requirements

  • Provision for EUSERC utility metering

  • Main fusible switch or circuit breaker

  • Optional distribution panel

BCT Service Cubicle

  • Provision for utility metering (non-EUSERC)

  • Main molded case circuit breaker

SCT Service Cubicle

  • Provision for utility metering (non-EUSERC)

  • Main Vacu-Break fusible switches

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