Rear Connected Switchboards

Siemens Type RCS rear connected switchboards are designed, constructed and tested to provide superior power distribution, power monitoring and control.  At the heart of the product is the World Class WL breaker.  The WL breaker has a proven track record of superior technology, modularity,  and quality.


Siemens Type RCS rear connected switchboards provide front access for control wiring and rear access for cable connections and bus maintenance.  All breakers are individually mounted and compartmentalized. 

Equipment ratings/options are:

  • 600VAC Maximum

  • 3 Phase 3 Wire

  • 3 Phase 4 Wire

  • 50/60 Hz

  • 6000 amp maximum horizontal bus

  • 5000 amp maximum vertical bus

  • NEMA 1 indoor

  • NEMA 3R outdoor walk-in

  • NEMA 3R outdoor non walk-in

Siemens WL breakers can be manually or electrically operated and are available in two versions:

  • UL489 (insulated case circuit breakers)

  • UL1066 (low voltage power breakers)

Type RCS switchboards are designed tested and constructed in accordance with:

  • UL891 Deadfront Switchboards

  • NEMA PB2 - Deadfront Distribution Switchboard

  • Applicable requirements of National Electric Code (NEC)

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