Siemens Gen Ready Switchboards

Gen Ready Switchboards provide a quick connection method of a generator to a normal switchboard for temporary backup power.  The most common application of these switchboards are retail stores with perishable items, nursing homes and hospitals. However, these types of switchboards should be applied in any application that is sensitive to power outages

Features and Benefits

  • All standard SB1, SB2 & SB3 distribution switchboard features

  • Crouse-Hinds quick-connect Cam-Loks for a quick primary connection method

  • Standard mechanical lugs suitable for use with Type W welding cable for a secondary connection method

  • Type 1 and Type 3 enclosures

  • Trap door on Type 3R enclosure to maintain rating withcables connected

  • Labeled phases and ground connections

  • Bus connection between generator breaker and Cam-Lok quick connects

  • Mechanical interlocking with normal breaker

  • Removable screw cover for covering quick-connects when not in use

  • Stand alone or hard bussed in standard switchboard lineup

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