Siemens switchboards cover the entire spectrum of customer applications

Siemens switchboards cover the entire spectrum of customer applications and requirements. Every aspect of Siemens switchboard design has been aimed at improving layout convenience, reducing installation costs and minimizing the impact and cost of system changes. Regardless of your application or requirements, one of Siemens switchboard products will meet your needs.

Distribution Switchboards

Distribution switchboards provide the rugged construction and service flexibility necessary in systems for industrial plants, hi-rise complexes, hospitals and commercial buildings.

Commercial Multi-Metering Switchboards

These switchboards can be customized for each application. Completely engineered and assembled, the switchboards require minimal field assembly and can be modified to meet any requirements of member utilities and municipalities.

Stock Switchboards

Siemens stock switchboards provide pre-packaged designs that are stocked at Siemens distribution centers and are available for immediate delivery to match the needs of the construction market.

Integrated Power System (IPS) Switchboards

Integrated power system switchboards allow the user to integrate electrical distribution equipment into a single switchboard lineup. The result is significantly reduced installation costs and a smaller footprint.

Gen Ready Switchboards™

Gen ready switchboards supply quick connect cam-type receptacles in a switchboard for quick connection of a generator for temporary back-up power.

Rear Connected Switchboards

Within the RCS switchboard the branch and feeder devices are individually mounted. Because of this method of mounting, access to outgoing cable terminations must be from the rear of the switchboard.

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