Integral Surge Protection - TPS3 L6

True 10 Mode Type 1 / 2 Surge Protection Device (SPD) for Service Entrance Applications  - SB1, SB2, SB3, Type RCS Switchboards, Type WL Low Voltage Switchgear, Motor Control Centers and Busway Systems.

Features and Benefits


■ Mounts internal to:

   - SB1, SB2, SB3 & Type RCS switchboards

   - Type WL low voltage switchgear

   - TIASTAR motor control centers - standard 12” bucket

   - STP series busplug on SX series busway

■ UL 1449 3rd Edition Recognized – 2009

■ UL 1283

■ Type 4 SPD intended for use in Type 1 applications (Type 2, cUL)

■ UL Type 1 tested with all internal OCP and safety coordination features included

■ Large block, individually fused, thermally protected, 50kA MOV’s

■ 20kA In

■ 200kA SCCR (most models)

■ Rotary disconnect switch included

■ All UL-required OCP & safety coordination included

■ Applications

   - Provides main service entrance or downstream protection for sensitive computer and electronic loads

       -- Standard redundancy use: 300kA per phase

       -- Maximum redundancy use: 450kA per phase

■ UL96A Lightning Protection Master Label compliant (@20kA In)

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