In today’s electronic world, your home’s electrical, phone and cable systems are incomplete unless they incorporate surge protection. Since many devices in the home are microelectronic based, it is not practical to solely rely on surge protected plug strips.

Appliances, heating and cooling systems, garage door openers and even energy saving light bulbs are examples of equipment that can’t be surge protected by plug strips. The cost to repair or replace these items far exceeds the cost of a total home surge protection solution.

To effectively surge protect ALL of your home’s equipment, Siemens developed the FirstSurge™ family of surge protective devices. They stop surges right at your incoming services before they can travel down the power, cable and telephone lines damaging your equipment.

Total Home Protection

Today's modern home is filled with appliances and electronics that require protection from surges. A surge is a brief burst of energy that can enter through a home's power, cable, and telephone lines, causing damage to dishwashers, refrigerators, TVs, computers, and more. Siemens' FirstSurge devices are designed to stop surges before they enter in order to prevent that damage from happening and protect the whole house.

Know You're Protected: 3 Stage Commercial Grade Notification

When surge protective devices wear out, homeowners are vulnerable to power surge damage. FirstSurge is equipped with 3-stage commercial diagnostics to alert a homeowner when something is wrong. An audible alarm beeps, the green LED lights extinguish, and a red service light flashes, the combination of which takes the guesswork out of knowing when a replacement is necessary.

Sized for Where You Live

One size does not fit all when it comes to surge capacity. FirstSurge devices are offered in three different sizes to better accommodate geographic locations with varying thunderstorm frequency. The map above shows which FirstSurge current capacity correlates with which region of the United States in order to maximize robustness and longevity.

Balanced VPR Protection

Unlike most standard whole house surge protectors, FirstSurge provides balanced protection for all of the primary paired conductors in an electrical system. The L-N, L-G, and N-G combinations see the same amount of surge overvoltage, which prevents unnecessary wear on electronics and appliances.


Siemens FirstSurge™ stops power surges from entering your electrical system protecting smart appliances, TVs, computers, heating and cooling systems and more. Every FirstSurge™ includes commercial class notifiers (LEDs, Audible Alarm, and Red Flashing LED) and supplemental GRM Diagnostics.

Features & Benefits

  • UL 1449 Listed, Type 2, Surge Protective Device (SPD)

  • Rated for 120/240 split phase panels up to 400A

  • Surge Current Capacities:
    - 60,000 A
    - 100,000 A
    - 140,000 A

  • 3-stage commercial grade notification

  • Ground Reference Monitoring (GRM)

  • Installs onto any brand load center

  • Type 4 rated outdoor enclosure

  • 10-year product and connected equipment warranty

Technical Data

Technical Specifications

Surge Spike Capacity

FirstSurge™ Power (FS060)   60,000 A
FirstSurge™ Plus (FS100)     100,000 A
FirstSurge™ Pro (FS140)       140,000 A

Line Voltage

120/240 Split Phase, 50/60 Hz

UL 1449 3rd Ed VPR

L-N: 600 V
L-G: 600 V
N-G: 600 V
L-L: 900 V

Rated Voltage (MCOV)

150V – L-N, L-G, and N-G; 300V – L-L



Response Time

<1 nanosecond


NEMA 4X Indoor and Outdoor Rated

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