Siemens Type SDR Distribution Recloser Switch

Up to 38 kV

Features and Benefits


Siemens has more than 30 years of experience in vacuum switching technology and is a leader in the field of digital protection technology. The type SDR recloser combines cutting-edge technology with quality engineering experience in relay protection schemes for which Siemens is known.

With the type SDR controller constitutes the brains of the recloser. It comprises indicators and control elements, communication interfaces and a USB port for convenient connection of a laptop computer. Access to the user level menus and data is protected by multi-level password authentication. Along with overcurrent time protection (49 preset curves and multiple user configurable curves), it is equipped for ground (earth) fault and sensitive ground (earth) fault detection. Inrush restraint and load shedding are further protection functions that help prevent nuisance outages.

The Siemens type SDR controller offers a multitude of inputs and outputs for customer use. Additional communication modules for data transfer are available as options. Self-monitoring and measuring functions round out the profile. The Siemens type SDR controller is mounted in a cabinet that also contains the auxiliary power supply, a battery-backed UPS unit, control and a general purpose outlet to power a laptop.

Siemens type SDR distribution reclosers offer dependable protection for temporary faults in overhead line networks and improve the reliability of power supply systems. The Siemens type SDR controller, the core of the system, provides a high level of protection, easy operation and high operating efficiency.

Type SDR Three-Phase Recloser
Type SDR Controller


Features include:

  • Ratings through 38 kV (all) and 27.6 kV (single-phase)

  • Factory engineered, pre-installed and wired accessories for ease of on-site installation

  • Advanced vacuum interruption technology

  • Fully integrated current transformers (CTs) and optional resistive voltage sensors

  • Dual-coil, low-energy magnetic actuator

  • Single-phase and triple-single reclosers available

  • Extended warranty available.

Triple-single phase operation modes:

  • Three-phase trip/three-phase lockout

  • One-phase trip/three-phase lockout

  • One-phase trip/one-phase lockout.

Advanced Siemens type 7SR control and protection relay offers:

  • Self-monitoring

  • USB communications port

  • Triple-single operation modes (three-phase trip/three-phase lockout, one-phase trip/three-phase lockout and one-phase trip/one-phase lockout)

  • Fully withdrawable controller

  • Customizable and intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) with programmable buttons, indicators and logic.

Type SDR Triple-Single Recloser
Type SDR Single-Phase Recloser
Type 7SR Control and Protection Relay

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