Siemens Distribution Recloser Type SDR Controller

Up to 38 kV

Features and Benefits


The SDR controller constitutes the brains of the recloser. It comprises indicators and control elements, communication interfaces and a USB port for convenient connection of a laptop computer. Access to the user level menus and data is protected by multi-level password authentication.

Along with overcurrent time protection (up to 49 preset curves and multiple user- configurable curves), it is equipped for ground fault and sensitive ground fault detection. Inrush restraint and load shedding are further protection functions that help prevent nuisance outages.

Type SDR Controller
Type 7SR224 Control and Protection Relay (Three-phase)
7SR224 Control and Protection Relay (Triple-single)



  • Fully withdrawable type 7SR control and protection relay

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Complete system monitoring

  • Tri-color programmable LEDs

  • USB port (front of controller)

  • 48-hour battery UPS

  • Loop automation

  • Integrated current transformers (CTs) and optional resistive voltage sensors in recloser switch unit

  • Single-phase, three-phase and triple-single reclosers available

  • Fully programmable from front panel

  • Customizable and intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) with programmable buttons, indicators and logic

  • Optional docking station for remote programming.


  • Relay protection

  • Local/remote control

  • Monitoring/SCADA of various protocols

  • Power metering

  • Event log

  • Multiple connection protocols

  • Input and output logic bits.

Type 7SR Withdrawable Control and Protection Relay

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