WinPM.Net Software

WinPM.Net 8.0

WinPM.Net is a complete energy information management solution for your business allowing you to process, analyze, store and share energy usage and power quality data across your entire enterprise. It offers control capabilities, comprehensive power quality and reliability analysis and can help you reduce energy-related costs. Power is critical to your operations. Disruptions impact productivity and safety. Wasted energy and equipment failures affect your bottom line. Grid systems are also becoming more dynamic, and regulations more challenging. You need a way to reveal hidden risk and new opportunities. WinPM.Net allows you to manage intelligent metering and protective devices, analyze data, and decide on new courses of action to help you save money and keep your business up and running.

Its cutting-edge flexibility and compatibility means you can add one piece at a time, at your own pace, while still maintaining your original investments. Interface to your existing systems through industry-standard protocols and choose newer components as they become available.

Web Clients
You can access power monitoring system and acknowledge alarms from anywhere on your network using a web browser. Everyday functionality including system status, alarm response, running historical reports or viewing custom dashboards.
Ability to view the data in browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome and Apple iOS

Web client provides authenticated access to common functions:

  • New! Dashboards  – Allows you to  customize, real-time monitoring using Smart dashboards to share information with our external stake holders and display any parameter in your power network.

  • Tables – Promptly evaluate & compare multiple devices in your network in real-time.

  • Diagrams - Navigate network displays to check system status and analyze trends

  • Trends – Allows you to monitor current system conditions by displaying real-time data in a graphical format.

  • Reports – Generate or edit historical reports for energy cost, consumption, and power quality.

  • Enhanced Alarm Notifications – Promptly identify alarm states in your system and investigate root causes.

The WinPM.Net software:

  • Provides detailed analysis of the power quality and overlays waveforms to correlate phase-to-phase relationships between voltages and currents and cascading failures.

  • Smart events and alarm clustering for intuitive filtering, searching, and categorization of events and alarms.

  • Graphical time lines easily analyze event and alarm sequence, location and potential impact.

  • Compliant with IEC62443 cyber security standards, for even the most demanding IT environments

  • Pinpoints the sources of transients, harmonics, or sags, whether external or internal to your facility, allowing you to decide on the right corrective actions. By monitoring circuits 24 hours a day, you can develop strategies to avoid interruptions.

  • Provides a comprehensive graphics utility as standard to build and edit any graphical screen whether it is a standard screen or a customized one. These custom screens can display real-time and historical data, alarms, multi-state status indications, meter, relay and third party equipment information.

  • Supports Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, ION, XML, SNMP, OPC, FTP, and PQDIF compliant systems, so you can unify your diverse operations into one system. Interface to other energy management software, or include transducers, PLCs, and RTUs in a WinPM.Net network. OPC can extract values from other software databases then combine these values with up-to-date readings from WinPM.Net to perform real time calculations.

  • Offers easy, cost effective and fast system expansion. The system grows as your needs grow. Add one piece at a time, at your own pace, within your own budget.

Cost allocation and sub-billing - Track energy-related costs by building, feeder, or tool. Match virtually any billing structure and use comprehensive multi-year scheduling and time-of-use activity profiles.

Load studies and asset management - Trend power usage data to take full advantage of your electrical distribution system capacity and avoid over-design. Create usage profiles so you can distribute loads and avoid demand peak. Demand and power factor control - Eliminate penalties through automated power factor correction, load shedding, or peak shaving.

Equipment monitoring and control - Meter all your utilities including gas, steam, air and water. Set up alarms for pending problems, pre alarm on impending or imminent conditions. Interface with other energy management and SCADA systems through multiple communication channels and protocols.

Preventative maintenance - Base your maintenance schedule on actual operating history.

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