Powermananger Software

Powermanager software, combined with Siemens power meters and low voltage protective devices, provides a complete energy management solution for your business. It allows you to measure, process, analyze, store and share energy usage and status information across your entire enterprise. It offers control capabilities, comprehensive energy usage and reliability, and detailed reporting that will help you reduce energy related costs.

Features and Benefits

The Powermanager software:

  • Is available in a stand-alone or LAN/WAN based configuration that can also exchange information with other supervisory systems like building automation software

  • Can utilize any Ethernet or serial based connections n Is expandable from the basic monitoring application to a fully customized enterprise management system

  • Is fully scalable with regard to the connected devices and to the software’s function to meet current and future needs

  • Ensures the seamless integration of power monitoring devices from the Siemens SENTRON PAC series meters and SENTRON WL/VL circuit breakers as well as other Modbus communicating devices

  • Is designed to collect, archive, monitor, display and evaluate any kind of energy related device data

  • Provides web based reporting and detailed graphics construction utilities as standard


  • Visibility and control of power flows

  • Exact knowledge of the consumption profile

  • Increase of energy efficiency

  • Optimization of power supply contracts

  • Compliance with contractual terms or regulations

  • Allocation of costs to individual cost centers

  • Optimization of plant maintenance

  • Identification of critical systems conditions

Cost allocation and Sub-billing Reports - Cost allocation and sub-billing functionality in the Powermanager software allows the user to track energy related costs by building, floor, tenant, feeder or location. Match virtually any fixed rate billing structure and use comprehensive multi-year scheduling and time-of-use features to manage the energy costs.

Load Studies and Asset Management -Trend power usage data to take full advantage of your electrical distribution system capacity and avoid over-design. Create usage profiles that will allow you to distribute loads and avoid demand peak which helps to identify energy leaks such as equipment running during down time.

Equipment Monitoring and Control -Powermanager allows you to meter all your utilities including gas, steam, air and water and set up general condition alarming and pre-event alarms for impending or imminent conditions. Interface with other energy management and SCADA systems through multiple communication channels and protocols like OPC.

Reports -Standard reports provide models of daily electricity usage so you can distribute loads and avoid demand peaks. This enables you to allocate energy consumption and/or costs to individual areas and identify expensive processes that need attention. The historic trending report compiles data from load circuits over a users predefined period. This enables the user to fully utilize the power distribution system and run at near rated tolerances.

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