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9510 / 9610 Advance Power Quality Meters


9510/ 9610 Power Quality Meter

These high power quality meters are packed with features such as the ability to determine the location of a disturbance quickly and accurately and determine the direction of the disturbance relative to the meter. Analysis results are captured in the event log, along with a time-stamp and confidence level indicating level of certainty. The 9510/9610 base meter includes 8 digital inputs capable of providing 1 millisecond time stamping and 7 digital outputs.

The 9510/9610 meters support numerous protocols including IEC61850 and Comtrade.Fast sampling rates and extensive memory make this the perfect choice for critical power systems making analysis of issues possible for correction and prevention. As a data accumulator, the 9510 and 9610 meters can also save money and time by simplifying wiring and networking. Information from the meter and downstream devices can be displayed on the large LCD display, on customizable web pages in reports and screens.Applications for the 9510 and 9610 meters range from critical power applications such as data centers to industrial, commercial and government power and power quality monitoring systems. The 9510 and 9610 meters are offered in a number of forms from single meter enclosures integrated into Siemens switchgear, switchboard and panelboards. Place these high end power quality meters throughout the power distribution system where critical information is desired. Know what is happening in your facility and get maximum efficiency.

Features and Benefits


Energy Management


ANSI C12.20 Class .2s

Energy Measurement

   - Voltage +/- .01%

   - Current +/- .01%

   - Power Factor +/- .5%

   - 9510 Sampling Rate 256/per cycle

   - 9610 Sampling Rate 512/per cycle

   - 9610 XH Sampling Rate 1024/per cycle

   - 9510 Individual Harmonics up to 127th

   - 9610 Individual Harmonics up to 256th

   - Sag / Swells Detection

Programmable Math / Logic Function

Revenue Accurate

   - Sub Billing

   - Cost Allocation





Energy Consumption

Waveform Capture

Transient Capture 17 µs @ 60 Hz

Disturbance Direction Detection (DDD)

Customizable Webpages

Min/Max and Event Logs

   - Storage Capacity up to 3.3 years at

   - 15 min intervals

   - Event Logging up to 20,000

   - Waveform Captures up to 390

Demand Control 

Automation Integration

Monitors Critical Equipment

Modbus Master / Gateway

Supports Multiple Protocols

Supports Multiple Master via Ethernet

Economical Measurement

   - Commercial

   - Industrial

600V Connected Voltage

Transformer Line Loss Compensation

Email Alarms

Customizable Displays

   - Event / Alarm Log

   - Trending

   - Phasor Diagrams

Password Protected

Hardware Lockable

Support Copper or Fiber Ethernet

Integration with Existing Systems







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