PAC4200 Power Meter

The SENTRON PAC4200 is a feature packed power monitoring device that is suitable for use in industrial, government and commercial applications where basic to advanced metering, logging, and I/O is required. The meter may be used as a standalone device monitoring over200 parameters or as part of an industrial control, building automation or global enterprise wide monitoring system. Advanced power quality monitoring and logging applications range from single low voltage breaker / building metering to sub-station main feeder monitoring, sub-billing or cost allocation installations with multiple tariffs. Whether your goal is to reduce operation cost, reduce your carbon footprint or to maintain your power assets, the PAC4200 meter should be an important part of your power monitoring system.

The PAC4200 provides open communication using the standard built-in Ethernet Modbus TCP and has the capability of communicating through Optional Modbus RTU, PROFIBUSDP, and PROFINET protocol modules simultaneously. This allows for easy integration into any local or remote monitoring system. The gateway functionality of this device reduces installation cost by replacing other gateway devices and simplifying wiring.

Features and Benefits


Energy Management


ANSI C12.20 Class .2s

Energy Measurement

   - Voltage +/- .2%

   - Current +/- .2%

   - Power Factor +/- .5%

   - Sampling Rate 170/per cycle

   - Individual Harmonics up to 31st

Power Quality

Revenue Accurate

   - Sub Billing

   - Cost Allocation

Cost Effective



Serves two masters via the TCP connection

Energy Consumption

Min/Max and Event Logs

   - Storage Capacity 40 days at 15 min intervals

   - Event Logging 4000 events

Demand Control

Automation Integration

Modbus Gateway

Modbus TCP/RTU

Industrial Systems







Monitors Critical Equipment

Economical Measurement

   - Commercial

   - Industrial

Degree of Protection

   - Front - IP65

   - Rear - IP20

600V Connected Voltage

Customizable Displays

Simple Retrofit Installation

Integration with Existing Systems

Solution for LEED® credit

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